What is downline builder in NS Mailer Script ?

A downline builder is the most used tool in the marketing world to maximize earning. We've added Downline Builder as the default feature from NS Mailer Script 2.0 version.

How does the system work ?

NS Mailer Script Downline Builder has two downline builders. One for admin and the other for members. The admin can add any amount (less than 1000) of affiliate links to the admin downline builder and this will be shown in the member area downline builder. Administrators on the other hand can set the maximum allowed affiliate link amount for members. And members can add their own affiliate links until they reach the maximum limit set by admin.

Now, if members have no referrer/upline, they will be shown the admin's downline builder. But if the member has referrer/upline then downline builder will be shown from his upline/referrer. In this case the admin downline builder will be shown in the admin recommended section.


Member Area Downline Builder

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